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Beeswax wrap – white/Red Floral 1x sml/1 x med – round (seconds)

Seconds: These work just as good as regular wraps but visually they warn’t as perfect as I would have liked, so they are priced accordingly

Heart + Hand Beeswax Wrap is a wonderful, earth conscious alternative to plastic wrap. Made from cotton fabrics these wraps are great for wrapping any little snack, fruit, crackers or sandwiches. They make excellent bowl covers for leftovers too.

2 x wraps – 1 x small (17 cm), 1 x medium (21 cm) – perfect to cover a small dish or wrap a cookie                            Check the pictures to get a good idea of the size difference

Made from: Cotton fabric, NZ Beeswax , Jojoba Oil, NZ Tree Resin

*If any waxy residue remains on a bowl after use I gently scrub it off with a scouring pad.

Care instructions: Simply wash with cool water and a dash of detergent.  Use again and again. I find they become even more pliable as they are used. I’ve been using mine for over 1 year and they still stick and I think their fabulous 🙂 A staple in my kitchen.

Note: Do not cover raw meat or meat dishes as beeswax wraps cannot be washed in hot water.




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