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Breast Balm – organic

Heart & Hand Organic Breast Balm is designed for nursing/breast feeding mothers. It's packed full of nourishing oils & butters to help hydrate and moisturize delicate breast tissue. The skin on the nipples is very sensitive and the early days of breastfeeding can often bring sore, chapped or even cracked nipples. This balm will help form a protective barrier to prevent excessive dryness and help ease and naturally heal sore or chapped nipples. Packaged in a beautiful frosted glass pot ~ 35g

• Organic infused Calendula oil helps soothe and heal
• Olive oil and cocoa butter deeply hydrate skin to keep nipples soft

Apply after nursing and remove any excess oil from the breast with a soft clean cloth, prior to nursing again.This balm is multi-purpose and can be used as a nourishing lip balm and an effective baby bottom balm.

Babassu Oil – is less oily than coocnut oil. It won't clog pores, is naturally anti-inflammatory, heals delicate skin and reduces redness. Babassu soaks in fast and leaves skin smooth and soft. Perfect for those with Nut allergies eg. coconut


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Ingredients: Beeswax, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, * Calendula Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, *Babassu Oil, *Cocoa Butter, * Wild Shea Butter, Mango Butter (* Organic)

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