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Ph balanced Shampoo Bar – Rose Clay + Geranium

Geranium and Rose Clay shampoo bar – Rose clay is a mild Kaolin clay typically used in skincare, but it’s also excellent for hair. It will absorb impurities, cleanse the scalp, and regulate the production of sebum. On the lengths and ends, it does wonders to restore radiance and softness to tired hair. It’s working great on my hair !! These clay shampoo bars have a wonderful volume of rich lather too, which is all part of the hair washing experience.
Shampoo bars are great for everyone, especially for people who desire a more natural approach to hair care.  They’re also fantastic when travelling, as who wants the hassle of bottles leaking.

These bars come simply packaged in paper and a small cardboard box, which can be composted, so they work great for people wanting to reduce waste and forgo plastic packaging. Place shampoo bar on a soap dish to dry completely after each use, or otherwise it will become soft.

1 x thick chunky bar – 65g + Fragrance – Rose Clay (Geranium, Grapefruit & Patchouli essential oils)

Each bar is equivalent to about 1.5 – 2 bottles of shampoo. Made from plant-derived ingredients and PH-balanced, which means they are gentle on hair, with less chance of breakages.  I was pleasantly surprised using this shampoo bar (well delighted really) as traditional soap based shampoo bars didn’t really work with my hair as its long and fine. With this bar my hair was beautifully silky soft. I did finish with a Heart and Hand conditioner bar too, which I would recommend.

To apply, either swipe the bar through your wet hair and work into a lather or lather first in the hands and work through the hair. Massage well and rinse.  Be sure to keep the bar dry and out of direct sunlight between washes and it will last a long time.

Coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this SLS-free alternative leaves hair soft and clean without stripping away your natural oils or hair color. The pro-vitamin complex strengthens the hair and adds shine!

All natural, cruelty free soap, handmade in Central Hawkes Bay using our traditional cold process soap recipes. All batches begin with Olive Oil, which is rich in moisturizing elements, along with butters, clays, organic herbs, essential oils & or quality fragrance oils. Our soap is made in small batches to ensure quality, producing a lovely gentle bar with a fabulous fragrance and a creamy, bubbly lather.


Out of stock


Ingredients: SCI – sodium cocoyl isethionate, SLSa, Decyl Glucoside, Iota Carrageenan, French Green Clay, Distilled Water, Abyssinian Oil, Jojoba Oil, Preservative, , Pink Rose Clay, Essential Oils: Patchouli, Geranium, Grapefruit


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